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  1. Ethanol and the True Cost of Energy


    June 5, 2011 by wcobserver

    My exceptionally articulate wife has been writing articles for weeks now on the ins and outs of gardening. And thank goodness for that. Now you know who the true farmer in the family is. This week she asked me to wash my hands off and throw my fingers at the keyboard. The seed for this week’s article germinated out of something I recently read in a WCO letter to the editor, or as I saw it, one constituent’s personal manifesto. This seed was fertilized on my way into town this morning as I saw gas prices had dropped for the first time in many weeks. This seed, which is part of a much larger plant, and an even greater ecosystem, could aptly be called Ethanol 101. This seed has various genus and species depending on who you talk to. As the manifesto states, “greenies,” hippies, and environmentalists are driving up gas prices due to the increased demand for ethanol. That is one man’s opinion. A simple fact-finding mission though, will enlighten you to a cold hard fact. The conventional corn industry receives federally funded subsidies like no other institution on the planet. The goal of these subsidies is to stabilize …