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  1. West Fest 2013


    October 15, 2013 by wcobserver

    Unlike previous years this year’s annual fall festival in West Fork went indoors. The annual event which has become smaller over the past several years was held in the 7000 square foot Frank Wenzel Community Center. The traditional street activities were replaced with a quilt and craft fair. Organizing the event which was once handled by a few council members and city employees got a late start this year. The city council didn’t set a date for the festival until August. None the less, the event was well attended and provided a once- a-year venue for the town’s residents to mingle. What did folks think of this years West Fest? Public comments voiced on the facebook page “West Fork-a little bit of everything,” offered some insight into public opinion on this year’s limited West Fest format. The social media page is managed by the city clerk and in addition to meeting and event announcements, lost pet notices and a rainfall report the page is sometimes used as a forum to criticize the mayor. Below are some of the comments from that facebook page along with a comment on the comments by former councilmember Joan Wright. –Went down to west fest …