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  1. Editorial: Big and Small vs Good and Bad


    May 19, 2011 by wcobserver

    If you are looking for a debate topic that allows you to switch sides with relative ease, try the quantity vs. quality question. Does size, amount, volume really matter or is it some distinguishing attribute, some essential element of excellence of an item that really matters? It depends. And even then, the debate still rages. One hamburger joint brags “over 10 billion sold…” but are they “good” burgers? Some people prefer two or three good friends their entire life, others count scores of best friends.  Mass produced, great!…every piece perfect and cheap. Hand made, great!…every piece unique and valuable. Throughout nature the relationship between quantity and quality is more empirical – increase the amount of heat to water and it will become steam. Often, changes in quantity result in changes in quality. But in the complex social world of government it isn’t so clear cut. Much of the current chatter about national politics flows from the quantity/quality debate regarding the size of the government – small government is good, big is bad. Local politics, which has been called the essence of all politics, has its own version of the big government- good government debate. Sometimes, in our neck of the woods, …