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  1. Sales Tax Holiday Coming Up


    July 30, 2011 by Sue Madison

    By Senator Sue Madison (D) District 7 LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas shoppers can enjoy the state’s first sales tax holiday the weekend of August 6 and 7, when retail stores will not charge sales taxes on purchases of school supplies and articles of clothing costing less than $100. Accessories under $50 also will be exempt from the sales tax. Shoes, boots and sandals will also be exempt if they cost less than $100. The sales tax holiday is a result of Act 757, enacted earlier this year by the legislature. Although it was labeled a “back to school” tax holiday, it will benefit all consumers who buy clothes and accessories. No sales taxes at all will be collected, neither state nor local sales taxes. That means shoppers will pay what the sticker price indicates for clothing, accessories and school supplies. Clothing that will be exempt from the sales tax includes footware, diapers, wedding apparel, gloves, aprons, hats, neckties and even rubber pants. Exempt accessories include jewelry, cosmetics, briefcases, watches, wigs, hair notions, umbrellas and non-prescription sunglasses. Exempt school supplies include binders, paper, notebooks, markers, pencils, rulers and protractors. It is a long list of items that common sense dictates are …