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  1. Observing History: A very special visit


    February 13, 2012 by wcobserver

    When Leta Smith McGwire opened her little shop in the community of Winslow back in September of 1953, she didn’t really know what to expect. Although there were no other beauty shops in town at the time, this was still quite an undertaking for a young lady newly graduated from the Ft. Smith Beauty School. As a teen, Leta was already highly requested by many of the ladies in town to make “house calls” to give haircuts and fancy styles. On this cool January afternoon, I went to visit with Leta and one of her very special customers. When I entered the tiny white-frame building, located next to what was her father’s store on the west side of Winslow, Leta was already in the process of giving a shampoo to Fleeta Clark. Fleeta had her daughter Tillie bring her out to see Leta because this is where she feels the most comfortable having her hair done. There were two reasons that this was a special visit.  To begin with, Fleeta celebrated her 94th birthday on Feb. 4.  Even she is amazed that she has been so blessed to still be able to come see her favorite “hair Dresser.” The other reason that this visit was so special …