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  1. Occupy Doing the Right Thing


    January 20, 2012 by wcobserver

    The reason the Occupy Movement will not just blow over and fade into the on- slaught of election year political rhetoric is simple. Americans, for all their diversity, for all their wrangling and ranting, share one basic understanding: fairness. Social movements in this country follow much the same pattern regardless of the cause. They are often sparked by a seem- ingly insignificant event like who gets a seat on the bus, stopping a troop train or a police raid on a bar. For some reason, the “story has legs,” spreads, resonates with people and becomes part of the social con- versation. People debate and argue, offer analogies and give reasons supporting one point of view or the other, until the issue becomes so prominent in our national conversation that it can’t be ignored by the moral and political leadership. We’ve seen it happen with civil rights, the war in Southeast Asia, gender and sexual orientation inequality. After defining the dilemma and wrestling with the possible outcomes, the Ameri- can people often boil it down to “that just doesn’t seem fair.” The Occupy Movement poked its head up only a few month ago when a few hundred assorted activists, hippies, malcontents …