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    October 14, 2013 by wcobserver

    -By Michele Allen Winkler- No comptime policy change was presented at the October West Fork City Council meeting.  During the previous month’s meeting Michael Bartholomew agreed to formulate a policy for handling overtime hours worked by city employees.  Additionally, he was to outline an approach to paying them for the time they have already earned.    Instead the complexity deepened to include not only the currently owed comptime/overtime procedure, but also a policy that is the same for all departments of the City and one that will define whether certain employees are considered supervisory and therefore excluded from comptime/overtime. CURRENTLY OWED OVERTIME: At the September 10, 2013 council meeting, Mr. Bartholmew, Water and Wastewater Supervisor and Streets and Utilities Superintendent asked for and the council approved $12,000 to pay at least 700 hours of overtime pay to David Jones who has resigned from the City. Paying the remaining accumulated overtime earned by employees from both the Water & Wastewater department and Streets & Utilities is made more complex by lack of clarity in the division of labor, source of payment and job descriptions of employees from both departments. Michael Bartholomew is the Superintendent of City Utilities and by an undated job …