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  1. Council Blinks, Veto Stands


    March 26, 2012 by Steve Winkler

    A showdown was averted over Mayor Hime’s veto of last month’s council vote that reversed the planning commission’s denial to establish a commercial zone in a residential neighborhood. A motion by Alderman Rodney Drymon to override the mayor’s veto and grant the rezoning request failed to get a second. Game over. Mike Landa who serves as Planning Commission Chair sought and was denied approval by the commission for his property on McKnight Ave to be rezoned to commercial. He appealed that decision to the City Council who at the February meeting reversed the Commission and granted his request. The mayor vetoed the council’s decision citing a need to take a closer look at possible legal ques- tions. The council listened to Darrell Giddy, Landa’s attorney, argue that the mayor had a conflict of interest because Hime is the subject of a law suit by Landa. Alderman Charlie Rossetti asked City At- torney Tom Kieklak if there was a conflict of interest. Kieklak said he saw “no legal conflict at all.” He also advised the council that they should “be careful about going outside the [regional] plan.” Giddy reminded the council that last month they had deliberated over an hour. He …