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  1. Search for New Chief Narrows


    October 26, 2014 by Steve Winkler

    -By Steve Winkler- West Fork is a step closer to finding new leadership in the police department. Former chief, John Collins resigned in August 2014. Collins was appointed Interim Police Chief by Mayor Frances Hime in November, 2012, after Mike Nelson resigned the position. He became chief after a probationary period. Hime noted that Collins had received recommendations from numerous law enforcement officials including Washington County Sherriff Tim Helder and Fayetteville Police Chief Greg Tabor, both West Fork residents. The Council vote to approve the appointment was 6-2 with council members Charlie Rossetti and Julie Shafer voting against Collins’s appointment. Retiring chief, Mike Nelson, publically expressed dissatisfaction with the appointment of Collins. Mike Nelson is the father of John Nelson, a sergeant in the police department. After Mayor Hime’s resignation as mayor in November 2013, the council appointed Rossetti interim mayor and after a special election in April, 2014, Rossetti became the elected mayor. Mike Nelson is now on the city council. John Collins was popular with the citizens but was left without the support from Rossetti’s administration. He resigned. He is currently a candidate for a seat on the city council. Soon after Collins’s resignation, the police commission began …