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  1. Fix the Streets and Sidewalks


    August 12, 2013 by wcobserver

    By Steve Winkler I share Susan Cooney’s frustration expressed on the Planning Commission facebook page about the condition of the streets and sidewalks in our town. Unlike neighboring communities West Fork seems to not have realized the importance of being pedestrian friendly, both in safety terms and in keeping up with changing lifestyles. The most cited reason for the lack of attention to streets and sidewalks given by the Street Department is that these roads are controlled by the state and we’re helpless. My experience as a citizen, newspaper editor and community activist suggests otherwise. A couple of years ago the three bridges between West Fork and Winslow were rebuilt. I interviewed highway department officials about that project and found them accessible and helpful. Along that stretch of “scenic bypass,”  a mile south of West Fork was a large, unsightly, unsanitary mobile home graveyard. We helped bring attention to it and questioned the county official’s explanation that nothing could be done because it was on a state roadway. Over several months of conversations with Washington County Environmental Office, Boston Mountain Solid Waste, Arkansas Highway. and Transportation Department in Little Rock and Harrison and the county attorney it was determined that, …