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  1. Party Planning Gets ‘Loco’


    March 15, 2012 by Terry Ropp


    About a year ago, I wrote a column about a dinner at my house with the planners of the National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress, which took place in early February this year. About 200 farmers at- tended, but the interesting part is what took place behind the scenes. Larry was the “on-site” man and solved many of the last minute issues. One issue was getting people to help serve as ambassadors on Thursday night at the welcome party. He asked around and got West Fork residents Calvin Tackett and Dr. Lloyd Keck as well as Prairie Grove residents Tony Cunningham and Serea Clark along with her three children Madison, Garrett, and Ethan to help. The three men walked around and greeted people while Serea and her children helped pass out a table full of welcome gifts donated by local merchants and organizations. The biggest issue had to do with music for the Friday night Mexican fiesta. Larry thought he had the live Mexican music arranged about two months before the event. As the night approached and he couldn’t reconfirm, he got the feeling that the no one would show up or tell us ahead of time – which was …


  2. Recipes for the Cabin Fever Soul


    January 20, 2012 by Terry Ropp


    Snow days are a joy to kids and some- times an annoyance to parents, especially if the containment lasts more than a day. One solution to bored, restless kids is cooking together. In today’s world, where both parents or the single parent works long hours with home responsibilities being squeezed in wherever possible, the joy of cooking and sharing home-cooked foods often becomes lost in the bustle to survive. Snow days can provide a refuge from the bustle and a chance to reconnect as a family. Cooking projects need not be detailed and compli- cated. Many children know only heat-and- eat dishes from the microwave, so some- thing as simple as making a hot chocolate mix can be fun and rewarding, especially if some homemade cookies accompany the steamy beverage. The trick to a successful cooking ven- ture with children is to plan ahead so you know what to pick up at the store before the much-awaited winter storm occurs. Obviously, kid-favorite foods make sense. The kids, and perhaps, you will be amazed at how simple and fast some homemade foods can be. Here are three starters. Hot chocolate mix: Simply blend togeth- er 4 cups Nestle Quick, 5 1/3 …