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  1. Ruby Takes Her Love to Town


    July 12, 2011 by wcobserver

    By John Ford Mrs. Ruby Reed is a fixture in Winslow and you can find her selling home baked goods at the Winslow Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. An assortment of zuchinni bread, brownies, cookies and yeast breads are cooling on her counter when I visit her on a Friday afternoon, her baking day for the Saturday market.. A Winslow native, she has lived here most of her life and was at one time a reporter for the original Washington County Observer. In her seventies now, Ruby is still full of energy. Ruby’s family has a long history in Winslow. She grew up on a farm here and she and her siblings were by her account “independent and strong willed. Some nights we would bury ourselves in leaves to guard against wild animals and we would sleep in the woods. Not that that would have protected us! In the days of the steam engines, my stepdad was employed by the railroad to go down to the tunnel on winter nights to break the icicles from the roof before the train came through. Otherwise the lights on the engines would shatter as the train went through.” After getting married in her …