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  1. Water Department Broke


    May 27, 2011 by wcobserver

    Double Digit Rate Increase Likely WEST FORK- City officials were caught unaware last week after the water and sewer department transferred $10,000 to meet its payroll without their knowledge or approval. The transfer was made without notifying the water commission, city council or mayor according to several city officials who were interviewed. Both the Water Commission and City Council will meet this week to reportedly consider a request for an additional funds transfer and a double-digit rate increase to meet the expenses of the water and sewer department. “It strikes me as odd to be truthful with you,” said Greg Tabor, Chairman of the Water and Sewer Commission who said he didn’t hear about the commission’s financial issues until he received a call from Mayor Hime on Sunday. “We’ve been chugging along for years uneventful and all of a sudden. It just strikes me odd.” Financial records obtained through a freedom of information request confirm a transfer was made on May 13 just three days after the May 10 city council meeting. “The answer is no they can’t, but they did and the will need to get approval in retrospect,” said Tom Kieklak, the city’s attorney when asked if the …