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  1. Celebrating Life in Song


    February 13, 2012 by wcobserver

    WEST FORK – Sugar on the Floor is a four woman musical group that can cheer you up, make you cry and soothe your spirit with their harmony. Begun four years ago when Mim Heinrichs, Joanie Green, Julie Minkel and Marya McKee attended a workshop at Ozark Folk Center, the group sang all the way home and are still singing. Now they have their first CD out, Gimme A Little Sugar. Many of the tunes on the album are traditional folk songs from America and Ireland. Not that the group doesn’t love to cover all sorts of music — anything from Blues, Doo-wop, Spirituals, even a Bob Dylan tune. And apparently they sing all the time, as someone told Joanie, “I hear you moving around in your office and there’s this little song following you.” Julie and Joanie are play therapists who met when Joanie moved here from Oklahoma. As part of her consulting, Julie spends time going from place to place and will “sing my heart out in the car, and when I arrive at the next place I am refreshed and all ready to look into a new situation.” They knew each other outside of singing; Mim taught …