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  1. Tick Season


    March 26, 2012 by Linda Ford

    In case you haven’t noticed, the ticks are out again. I noticed the first wave about a month ago when my horses started swishing their tails. Sure enough, when I checked under the tails ticks were already attached and feeding. I got out my doggy Frontline and wiped a small amount on each horse. That took care of the first wave. Almost every dog we get in the clinic now, if it’s not on a preventive, is covered in small ticks. There are number of diseases that dogs, cats, horses, cows and people can get from tick bites. The worst one for dogs is Eh- rlichiosis. We just had a dog in the hospital that was drowning in his own blood that had leaked into his chest. We removed 1.5 liters of blood from his thoracic cavity and he was finally able to breathe again after many sleepless nights of sitting up—the owners, too. Ehrlichiosis destroys the plate- lets in the blood. Platelets cause the blood to clot to prevent bleeding out after a trauma or cut. I’ve seen many dogs die suddenly and blood come gushing from the nostrils. Young dogs aren’t nearly as susceptible to bleeding out as …