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  1. Welcome to Election Cycle 2012!


    February 8, 2012 by Matthew Jones

    Hello everyone. My name is Matthew Jones. I’m writing this blog as a way to connect the readers of Observerland to the election cycle spinning our heads until November. My main purpose for coming on to this exciting project is that the most vital part of our democracy is an informed electorate. In elections past, I — as I’m sure others — have found myself standing there at the voting booth and staring down a list of people I had no earthly idea who they where, what they stood for or even what they looked like. Our system of government can’t work if people don’t vote, and that when they vote they have no idea for whom they are voting. I will be covering mostly the elections right here in Washington County. The ordinary voter, if asked, would know how the President of the United States is, the VP, their governor, maybe even their Congressman/woman or Senator. Most would not know who their mayor is, the city council, or circuit judge. Even though most people know national-wide issues and people, it’s the government right down the road that has the most impact on your everyday life. Those are the people …