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  1. Guest Editorial by Leslie Scates: Why’d He Do It


    November 27, 2013 by wcobserver

    -By Leslie Scates-  What would possess Michael “Butch” Bartholomew, a volunteer West Fork Business Manager who is paid by the separate Water and Sewer Dept., to transfer $10,000 from a City account and deposit it into a Water and Sewer account without a vote of the Council? Let’s look at the facts and see. 


  2. Water Commission Vacancy Lingers


    March 15, 2012 by Steve Winkler

    The commission added two new members, Andy Baughman and Joe Toher in July. One volunteer, Joe DeSoto was rejected as a potential commissioner because he is related to the chairman. Another, Tony Alvarado was rejected because he is a member of the Police Commission, according to Michael “Butch” Bartholomew, Utility Superintendent. Former City Clerk Susan Cooney whose name appears on the June 29 list said she submitted her name to Mayor Hime who gave it to the Water Commission. “I never heard anything back from them even though they said they would contact people,” wrote Cooney in an email reply to an Observer inquiry. West Fork resident Wes Eckles, who wrote a letter saying he was willing to serve on the Water Commission and whose name appears on the original list told the Observer, “They never did anything. Never called, I never talked to Virgil Blackmon. They didn’t take any action. I never heard from this commission.” Eckles has since volunteered to be considered for a vacancy on the Planning Commission. West Fork property owner Caroline Smith’s name appears on the list of individuals interested is being considered for appointment to the commission. She told the Observer that she made …