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  1. Water Commission Makeup Undecided


    May 3, 2012 by Asa Lee

    West Fork ‘s Water and Wastewater Utility Commission failed to follow city council instructions and the public’s wishes and instead postponed a decision to establish the actual number of commission members the group has.  When asked, some commission members, the chair, and Water Superintendent have said in recent months the commission has between three and five members. They currently list four individuals as being commission members.  Eleven months ago, the Water Commission presented a development plan to  citizens at a public meeting regarding the 14 percent rate hike. That plan would in part increase their commission from three to five members.  Four months ago, minuets of their meeting (with four members present) state they have a vacancy. Citizens have offered to serve but none were contacted. At the April city council meeting, after some pointed questioning by city attorney Tom Keiklak about how many members are actually on the commission they agreed to adjust their bylaws at their next meeting to reflect reality. The discussion of the topic at the May 2 meeting  began with commission member Andy Baughman suggesting that having a fifth member helps insure  meetings will have a quorum. Member Joe Toher expressed agreement and the group’s …