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  1. Water/Wastewater Work Session Seeks Answers


    January 26, 2013 by Steve Winkler

    Water/Wastewater Work Session Seeks Answers By Steve Winkler, WEST FORK, JANUARY 26, 2013 – Dozens of concerned and curious citizens filled the conference room in city hall last Thursday night. The event, scheduled by the City Council at their December meeting, was billed as a work session to gather information and hear from various stakeholders regarding a ballot initiative passed by the voters in November.  That initiative called for dissolving the existing private water and sewer commission and making that function a part of city government. Proponents of the initiative, whether by design or oversight, did not attach an ordinance to the petition that allowed the initiative to be placed on the ballot. A two thirds majority of voters approved the measure.  Absent an ordinance detailing the establishing of a water committee controlled by elected officials the council found itself faced with a choice. Without an ordinance attached the initiative is considered by some to not be legally binding, although no court has ruled on the matter.  From a legal perspective, the council may be able to just disregard it and move on.  The political view, however, is that a significant majority of voters expressed their desire to make …