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  1. DENIED: Planning Commission Passes on Chair’s rezoning request


    February 13, 2012 by wcobserver

    WEST FORK – The Planning Commission, on Feb. 1, denied a request by Mike Landa to rezone one of his West Fork properties. Landa was asking for a commercial spot-zoning for his property, 997 McKnight Ave., which is within a residential zone in the south part of town. The rezoning of this area is an issue that’s been brought up for before — for at least a decade. Landa, the Planning Commission chair, made his case during the commission’s regular meeting, with assistance from his Benton- ville lawyer, Darrell Gibby. The specific issue surrounding the Planning Commission chair, who abstained from participating with the commission on this issue, has been a point of contention for the past few months. Meanwhile, the debate about rezoning land in West Fork’s southern-most region is nothing new for the city. “As commission chair on the other side of the table, I was disappointed and embarrassed with some irrelevant questions and points not related to the application,” said Landa in a letter to the Commission the day after the decision. “In my opinion, the application process was tainted …” Landa and his wife Kim purchased their house and two and half acres from Mayor Francis …