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  1. An Out-of-Towner’s Fishing Tale


    May 9, 2012 by wcobserver

    South of West Fork, Highway 71 follows the White River like a boy follows his father. Snaking along beside it with pride and admiration, with mimicry. Sometimes they drift apart, momentarily, but always gravitate back together, tumbling through billowing lush green trees of spring and summer.


  2. Stand Up and Step Aside


    May 8, 2012 by Steve Winkler

    It’s time for West Fork’s Water and Wastewater Utility Commission Chair Virgil Blackmon to step down. Under his leadership the commission has moved from being cited and fined for violation of the Freedom of Information laws to actually being unable to state with any certainty how many members are even on the Commission.


  3. Water Commission Makeup Undecided


    May 3, 2012 by Asa Lee

    West Fork ‘s Water and Wastewater Utility Commission failed to follow city council instructions and the public’s wishes and instead postponed a decision to establish the actual number of commission members the group has.  When asked, some commission members, the chair, and Water Superintendent have said in recent months the commission has between three and five members. They currently list four individuals as being commission members.  Eleven months ago, the Water Commission presented a development plan to  citizens at a public meeting regarding the 14 percent rate hike. That plan would in part increase their commission from three to five members.  Four months ago, minuets of their meeting (with four members present) state they have a vacancy. Citizens have offered to serve but none were contacted. At the April city council meeting, after some pointed questioning by city attorney Tom Keiklak about how many members are actually on the commission they agreed to adjust their bylaws at their next meeting to reflect reality. The discussion of the topic at the May 2 meeting  began with commission member Andy Baughman suggesting that having a fifth member helps insure  meetings will have a quorum. Member Joe Toher expressed agreement and the group’s …


  4. Keeping the Rain Where It Falls


    April 26, 2012 by Steve Winkler

    About a dozen folks descended on West Fork’s Heritage Gardens adjacent to the recycle center Wednesday afternoon to install the town’s first rain garden. Volunteers came from Farmington, Baldwin, Fayetteville and West Fork, representing several organizations including the Washington County Master Gardeners, Illinois River Watershed Partnership and Beaver Water District. The gathering was a chance for hands on training in the installation of rain gardens which help protect our water supply from stormwater, the number one pollutant of our nation’s waterways. The volunteers planted drought resistant native plants in a slightly dug out and bermed garden. Rain gardens allow storm runoff to infiltrate into the earth which means surplus runoff caused by impervious surfaces is reduced. Also plants and soil bacteria treat pollutants that the runoff has picked up as it flows across pavements or heavily fertilized lawns according to information provided by the Rain Garden Project of Beaver Water District. Most existing rain gardens in our area serve as demonstration projects located in public parks in Fayetteville. The concept hasn’t gone unnoticed by area builders, particularly by those “building Green.” Clint Penzo of Penzo Custom Homes visited the West Fork garden site to learn more about excavation. “I plan …


  5. WF Council’s April Meeting


    April 18, 2012 by Steve Winkler

    The April council meeting started with a couple of bangs when during the approval of the agenda portion, city attorney Tom Kieklak said he had the draft of a Resolution to reimburse council members for attendance at regular and special council meetings ready. The subject has not been before the council in several years. A motion was made by Rodney Drymon and seconded by Misty Caudle to place the item on the agenda. Kieklak told the council that the Resolution was written at the request of Drymon and Caudle. He told the council that it is “ubiquitous that councils reimburse” itself. A discussion later in the meeting revealed that the resolution calls for a member to receive $150 per each regular meeting. Kieklak noted that “Members don’t have to take the reimbursement; they can donate it to a project such as flowers for the garden or books at the library.” A budget adjustment would be necessary. Mr. Drymon’s motion failed — two in favor, three against, three absent. Mrs. Wright moved to put the item on the next agenda. The second bang came during the Utility Department’s report, when water commission secretary Mike Mitchell and Superintendent Bartholomew were questioned by …


  6. The Changing Face of West Fork


    April 12, 2012 by Asa Lee

    Photos by Steve Winkler


  7. Editorial: Breathe Deep


    April 10, 2012 by Steve Winkler

    Many area residents are excited about the prospect of a large grocery chain complete with gas, fresh produce and what many welcome most, a pharmancy, coming to West Fork.